CTS-Powered Beacon Cloud Voice… Get More for Less

Tired of shelling out for expensive phone systems and never-ending support costs? Putting your business communications in the cloud will end unnecessary spending that eats up profits.

Affordable, turnkey communications

Cloud Voice fits into the way your office team works. Use a desktop phone, smart phone or softphone on your laptop. Imagine… Just one phone system supporting your business no matter where your team is working – office, home or branch locations. You’ll be able to expand capacity without costly equipment upgrades, and never sink another penny into maintenance or repair.

We never say ‘Do-It-Yourself…’ We deliver & set up everything

Unlike many providers, who will drop-ship phones and expect you to install and set up everything, Beacon’s service ethic differentiates us from the rest. Every Beacon customer gets customized attention – our certified Cloud Voice experts come to you and set up everything to your specifications. After we install it, we’ll test everything to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Even more reasons to move to Beacon Cloud Voice…

  • Mobility – Move from desk phone to mobile to laptop. No matter the device or where you’re working, you stay connected.
  • Scalability & Flexibility – Scaling up or down is easy. Seasonal businesses can address temporary spikes or downturns quickly and seamlessly.
  • One System for Many Locations – Managing multiple sites? You get complete, centralized online control to make admin easy.
  • No Service Interruptions – Your Beacon Cloud Voice has your back… In the event of a disaster, easily redirect calls to other locations or mobile phones.

Get your customized quote today… Contact us at 443.577.1733 or info@beaconcloudvoice.com


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