Smart Phone Trends… NYC Replacing 7,500 Pay Phones with Free Wi-Fi

By Jeff Nolte

February 29, 2016



The device in your pocket continues to be the device that does more… New York City is replacing 7,500 payphones with free Wi-Fi hot spots.

The $200 million LinkNYC project entails the installation of hot spots that sit on top of 9.5-foot tall boxes with electronic screens on each side to display advertising. Sandwiched between the screens will be an Android tablet that can be used to place free calls and surf the web.

What makes this project so unique is the broadband speed – a Gigabit per second or 1,000 megabits per second – about 100 times more than typical speeds offered by wireless carriers. Users will sign in once and be able to use the service anytime without being bombarded with ads.

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