Video, Web & Audio Conferencing Solutions Keep Improving

Technical innovations continue to expand the array of hardware, software and Web-based options available. Keeping up with all those choices can be difficult when it’s time to determine what conferencing technology is most appropriate for your business.

Chesapeake can help by evaluating what you’re using now, current costs, and whether or not there is a better solution for your business.

Phone System conferencing capabilities might be all a business needs. In this case, it’s best to have an inventory of features done to be sure you don’t fall short during a critical moment.

In-house Equipment is a good option for businesses that use conferencing mostly for internal collaboration, in which case an in-house media server is often a good fit. Such businesses value the “control” and options they receive from an in-house server. This is especially important for team meetings and training sessions.

Cloud Services offer a variety of conferencing options. A company may have daily audio conference calls with regional supervisors, but use video conferencing for their monthly executive team conferences. Cloud services are also ideal for businesses that regularly use conferencing for large outside audiences, including Webinars for clients.

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