Healthcare is Shifting to a Remote Model

The doctor will see you now – at home.

Healthcare is rapidly shifting to a remote model, with doctors diagnosing and monitoring patients virtually. The change, initially driven by the pandemic, is evolving to become the new norm for care due to cost reduction efforts and an increasingly tech-savvy population.

Institutions like the NHS, Medicaid, and Medicare are also leading the shift towards telehealth – undertaking large-scale initiatives to digitize records and make virtual care more accessible to patients and providers.

Remote care offers patients more personalized, meaningful, and equitable treatments in their preferred locations.

  • Virtual monitoring and communications solutions increase patient engagement in their health while reducing the burden on clinics that may be understaffed and underfunded.
  • Digital care can range from a quick telehealth chat to long-term treatment at home with the help of visiting caregivers.
  • Apps, self-testing kits, and e-prescriptions make healthcare accessible and convenient even for patients who might otherwise experience barriers to care.

CTS and Mitel’s HIPAA-compliant communications solutions are a critical piece of the remote healthcare puzzle, facilitating effective doctor-patient relationships.

The technology for remote healthcare is constantly evolving:

  • Omnichannel chat, voice, and video platforms keep patients, healthcare professionals, and providers connected and informed, regardless of location.
  • API integrations mesh with providers’ existing digital ecosystems, reducing silos and enabling easy, secure data transfer.
  • AI-supported automation triages and prioritizes patient calls, tracks patient recovery, and sends prescription renewal reminders, while smart scheduling improves efficiency and response times.

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