UC Your Way… Supporting Private Cloud Deployments in Public Cloud Environments

Some organizations may prefer a private cloud deployment option when deploying their communications solutions.

The good news is that they don’t have to choose between the benefits of public and private clouds. They can deploy their communications solutions in a private cloud that operates within a public cloud environment, such as AWS and Azure.

With its latest deployment tools, Mitel’s core ‘on-premises’ systems — including MiVoice Business, MX-ONE, MiContact Center, MiCollab, and Mitel Interaction Recording (MIR) — can be deployed in a private cloud within public cloud environments.

Why Choose Private Cloud Within Public Cloud?

Mitel customers have long deployed private cloud communications solutions using on-premises equipment to maximize availability and control. But, as their businesses grow and they contend with operational complexity, many are attracted to having a trusted public cloud vendor provide them with the robust, redundant architecture they need instead of funding, building, and operating it themselves.

As companies like Amazon with AWS and Microsoft with Azure add private cloud deployment options to their mainstream service offerings, they provide a ‘best of both worlds’ approach: the customer gets the flexibility and month-to-month payments of a cloud solution with the management and data control of an on-premises (traditionally CapEx) solution.

Existing AWS or Azure customers who have already gained experience deploying many applications in those environments may view adding their Mitel Unified Communications/Telephony solutions as a natural next step.

If you have questions about creating private cloud deployments of Mitel solutions within public cloud environments, we can help.

Our team has the expertise to help you understand your options and to help make deployment effortless and efficient. Contact us today: 800.787.4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us.


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