Fire Up Your Sales with New Cloud Voice Capabilities

Your salespeople work hard to hit their quotas, juggling different tasks and constantly closing deals. But how can Cloud Voice help them conquer the challenges of a slow season?

Relationship-building is an integral part of a salesperson’s job…

With so many current and potential customers, your sales team needs flawless records and detailed customer profiles. When your CRM is integrated with your voice service, salespeople have ready access to all the information they need to personalize their conversations – even when it’s the customer calling into your contact center.

The details of any sales call are a critical component of relationship building…

Cloud Voice services can not only track call records but also allow salespeople to attach client details and notes so they can follow up more effectively in the future. Employees can even record calls to playback whenever there’s a need to reference them.

As the sales day comes to a close, salespeople review the day’s work and tie up any loose ends. They gain renewed confidence that they won’t drop a call, won’t lose track of important client information, and most importantly, won’t miss a sale.

Cloud Voice gives salespeople the tools they need to make more calls, send more emails, and collaborate more efficiently.

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