Equip Your New Hires So They Hit the Ground Running

Onboarding new employees can be a slow, cumbersome process for any business, and it has been even more challenging in the last two years. If things don’t go well, your new employees can take longer to reach their full potential. When new employees get frustrated, they might even quit, forcing you to start all over. All of this can hurt your bottom line.

The key to success is to make sure new employees get up to speed quickly by equipping them with intuitive tools that easily connect them with their colleagues and customers…

  • Single User Interface – The UI should offer a single look and feel across ALL hardware and software deployments. Once new people learn one, they can use them all.
  • Platform Integration – To keep employees connected there must be seamless integration with either iOS or Android mobile devices. The ability to answer incoming calls supporting one or multiple company locations means new hires can be accessible and productive wherever and whenever they work.
  • Mobile Communications App – Built on top of UC, new hires can instantly have everything necessary to meet customer needs and the ability to see all colleagues on a single screen within the app. With an intuitive app, they can quickly master its features, becoming immediately productive.
  • Unified Communications – With real-time presence technology, new hires can see which colleagues are available for a call. Immediate collaboration with group calling and chat allows new hires to get their questions answered in real-time.

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