Chart Your Course to the Cloud Before You Set Sail

By Jeff Nolte

February 23, 2022



So, you’ve done your homework and you’re on board that the Cloud is right for your business, but “how do we get there?” is the most important question you need to answer. Every step in your journey to the Cloud matters, and not every business will approach the process in the same way.

Reaping the full benefits from your move to the cloud requires a clear understanding of the following:


It’s important to understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your move to the cloud and make your goals as measurable as possible. For instance, one key objective may be to take advantage of the superior security the cloud offers. If so, document what specific security issues you are hoping to avoid or lessen.

Your goals may also include improving the quality and reliability of your remote work environment. Look for ways to measure improvements in remote worker productivity and satisfaction.

And if your organization is moving to the cloud to ensure employees can take advantage of next-gen software and tools, anticipate what productivity improvements you might gain when employees have earlier access to the latest updates and features, as well as the cost savings you may achieve because IT no longer needs to perform system maintenance. Look beyond the date your migration is expected to be complete. Identify where you want to be by next year, in three years and in five.

Sequencing and Setting Timelines

Ask yourself: “In what order should the steps occur to ensure a smooth migration and minimal disruption to the business?” Identify when you’ll need certain features, and ensure timelines are realistic.

Don’t forget Plan B

Despite the best-laid plans, business disruptions can occur. Having a plan B to mitigate and minimize those risks will give you peace of mind. Maybe you’ll plan for part of your system to be unavailable as it is being upgraded. What’s your workaround? Identify what unintended disruptions could occur. Which ones are most likely, based on your objectives and planned journey? When could they occur, based on your timeline? Craft a technology and staffing plan that addresses what you can do if they occur, and when you will need to be ready.

Work with CTS

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ journey to the cloud. CTS will get to know your specific requirements and help identify which systems are best suited to your cloud strategy. Every step on your cloud journey should provide value to your business today. We’ll help you figure out which approach is worth looking at now, later, or not at all, giving you peace of mind.

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