Reinventing Your Hiring Process in the Remote Work Era – 6 Tips for Success

By Jeff Nolte

September 16, 2020


With COVID-19 social distancing measures still in place, remote work can complicate things when a new worker needs to be hired. Our new reality is forcing some employers to recruit and onboard candidates virtually, without even meeting them in person.

Remote Hiring Best Practices

Here are six ideas which may be helpful as you refine your hiring process…

  • Choose video over phone – Phone interviews can’t match video calls for building connections that are crucial for determining the right fit. Some candidates may even think less of companies that conduct the entire process over the phone. That means firms that lean on phone interviews risk losing top talent.
  • Hiring principles haven’t changed – Managers still must evaluate candidates based on attributes such as confidence, knowledge and experience. The depth of these traits is conveyed by communications skills, expressions, mannerisms and clothing choices – all easily observed over video.
  • Relationship building – In a virtual environment, everyone needs to work harder to connect. Managers should take the lead by inviting new hires to as many meetings as possible during the first few weeks. It’s the most efficient way to introduce newcomers to co-workers, orient them to the organization and help them understand their role and tasks.
  • Collaborate in the cloud – A cloud-based workspace brings everyone together and allows them to collaborate in real time. It also shortens the learning curve for new employees. In the cloud, managers can immediately provide feedback on assignments.
  • Click to communicate – Collaboration tools, like MiCollab’s web chat and video, are fast becoming worthy replacements for instant in-person interactions. This can even bring managers closer to new employees in a way that being in the office together can’t. During one-to-one meetings, video provides a glimpse into each other’s world. This makes it easier to build a stronger working relationship.
  • Re-imagine social events – To fully integrate, new hires need to build relationships with other employees. In an era of social distancing, the trick is to make such experiences as personal as possible. Many companies have instituted regular “coffee breaks” inviting a diverse group of people to expand the new hire’s circle.

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