5 Questions Small Businesses Ask About Cloud Voice

We’ve been deploying communications systems for our customers for 30+ years. We’ve worked with businesses of every type and size to design, install and support their new solutions quickly and easily.

When it comes to Cloud Voice services, here are some of the top questions we get from our small business clients…

  • Many of my employees are out in the field or traveling. How can Cloud Voice help? With a mobile app your employees have access to all the features and functionality of the cloud voice system from their preferred device, regardless of where they may be working. Mobile calls transition seamlessly between networks when employees are on the move, so nothing gets missed.
  • Can I integrate with my CRM? Yes… Integration with apps such as Salesforce and other CRM applications give employees immediate access to relevant customer data, creating a more personalized and engaging customer experience.
  • What features do I really need? Small businesses see big returns with collaboration tools such as videoconferencing, chat, screen sharing and conference calling. They’re well suited for contact centers as well.
  • What happens if we grow, add new locations or staff? Since there are no physical landlines to maintain anymore, scaling is simple and cost-efficient. And with a managed cloud service, you can get new users up and running in hours, not days.
  • What kind of phones do I need? A broadband connection is all you need to turn your employees’ computers into a softphone. Plus, a mobile app extends the service to mobile devices, and with BYOD support employees can take calls on their own devices without revealing their personal number. We also offer a range of desk phones that allow your employees to seamlessly connect with their mobile devices.

Contact CTS today to discuss how Cloud Voice can empower and connect your small business: 800.787.4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us.


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