The 5G Revolution is Coming – Here’s What You Need to Know

The next generation of mobile technology is 5G, and it’s on its way to a location near you. 5G services are arriving in cities first… Service providers are starting to make the necessary technology investments in major markets now.

What’s the big deal?

5G is expected to transform mobile connectivity, enabling up to 100 times better throughput, 10 times longer battery life and 1,000 times larger data volumes, all while being 10 times more reliable.

Some bits about 5G technology…

  • To achieve these levels of high performance, the technology uses ultra-high frequencies. This results in the 5G signals having a shorter range.
  • Since shorter range signals limit the size of cell coverage area, more 5G network base stations are needed to support the service and they must be closer together than 4G base stations, forming “Small Cell” coverage areas.
  • This increase in the number of 5G base stations, in turn, requires more use of fiber between the base stations to extend service reach and sustain the higher throughputs.
  • Traveling at much smaller distances than 4G signals makes 5G signals more susceptible to being blocked by buildings. However, this situation is remedied by using dozens of small antennas that transmit in sync to boost signal power enough to penetrate buildings.

5G promises to usher in a new era of products, services and apps driven by the technology’s many advantages…

  • Responsiveness – 5G will support real-time applications like voice and video conferencing, remote process monitoring, smart building security, autonomous vehicles, and live interactive virtual and augmented reality, to name a few.
  • Battery life – will make it feasible to monitor devices in remote locations, and mobile users will love not having to charge up every day.
  • High speed – means no waiting to view a Hi-Def video stream, transfer big data files, or open a 200-page legal brief as a PDF.

With 5G standards now solidified and technical challenges being overcome, some industry observers contend that 5G is not just a new cellular network but the emerging fabric for an entire IoT ecosystem that continuously and seamlessly interconnects devices, processes and applications, which can have an unprecedented ripple effect throughout the economy.

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