5 Ways Cloud-Delivered Software-Defined WANs Give Your Business an Edge

As companies move business applications to the cloud, they require more bandwidth and better network performance. With a cloud-delivered SD-WAN, businesses get the ability to more easily and inexpensively deploy a wide area network on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

The story doesn’t stop there… SD-WAN offers so much more:

  1. Increase network performance – SD-WAN delivers the best performance by auto-detecting the fastest network path to optimize connectivity and speed for any given application.
  2. Simplify network management – IT staff can monitor and control the WAN from a centralized cloud-based view. The simplified configuration options give businesses the visibility and flexibility they need, while still delivering increased capacity, automatic updates, and automatic (or custom) business policies.
  3. Speed up branch deployment – Adding new locations is fast and easy with a streamlined SD-WAN deployment model, allowing you to mobilize new branches in minutes and reduce costly on-premises hardware investments at each office.
  4. Reduce costs – SD-WAN can contribute to significant cost savings by optimizing lower cost broadband Internet, allowing you to scale back the use of expensive multiprotocol label switching and other traditional data circuits.
  5. Improve network security – SD-WAN continuously monitors and measures network traffic, allowing your IT staff to quickly pinpoint a security attack. And with less hardware to take care of and no manual configurations that could put it at risk, SD-WAN offers more secure home and branch networks.

Check out Windstream’s 2:05 min. SD-WAN video overview

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