Connect Your Smartphones with Beacon Cloud Voice’s Mobile App

The mobile workforce is huge, with industry analysts predicting over 105 million users by 2020. The new app from Beacon Cloud Voice – supporting iOS and Android – handles your team’s demand for mobility and brings several key benefits to your business…

Never Miss an Important Business Call – Clients and work associates can easily reach busy employees anytime through one phone number that will automatically ring their Beacon Mobile App.

Protect Your Business – By having calls directed right to an employee’s smartphone without revealing personal mobile phone numbers, your business retains control of incoming calls from clients when people turnover.

Leverage your existing investment – Extend all the benefits of your phone system to your employee mobile phones:

  • One-click to join conference calls
  • Extension dialing to co-workers
  • Corporate and personal phone directories at your fingertips
  • View recent calls
  • Manage virtual attendant settings
  • Access to company international distance and dialing plans
  • Listen to and manage voicemail

Beacon’s Mobile App improves and streamlines communications, and seamlessly connects a distributed and fast-moving workforce.

Put your business in the fast lane… Contact Chesapeake today: (800) 787-4848 or


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