7 Key Reasons Companies are Moving Their Communications to the Cloud

Posted on Sep 20, 2017 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

There’s lots of buzz around Cloud Voice these days. But buzz isn’t always an indicator of a business case for technology purchases. Smart businesses are asking what’s driving the rush to the cloud – and they’re getting solid answers. Here are 7 real-world reasons to make the move:

1. Cost – By hosting a phone system over the Internet, you’re charged on an “as needed” basis, paying only for what you use. That makes cloud-based systems especially cost-effective – eliminating the need to pay for the installation and maintenance of a traditional phone system.

2. Management – Cloud-based communications can help alleviate the ongoing burden of maintenance, IT work load, and costly internal infrastructure, including servers and storage systems.

3. Scalability – Whether you’re growing, moving or sizing down, the cloud provides the flexibility and scalability you’ll need now and in the future. And with cloud-based systems, you can access and add new features without adding new hardware.

4. Vendor management – With cloud communications, a single vendor manages your systems off-site so your IT team is freed up to focus on other high-priority issues.

5. Technology management – With cloud communications, service is outsourced, and upgrades are deployed through automatic software updates.

6. Quality of service – Cloud communications maximize uptime and coverage through multiple, remotely hosted data centers, helping you avoid costly service interruptions.

7. Disaster recovery – With cloud communications, you can get up and running quickly after a disaster, or in some cases, continue running the entire time.

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