Get the Latest Toshiba Updates for the UCedge App

Toshiba’s UCedge release 2.6 adds key enhancements that greatly improve group IM usability and mobile access to advanced system applications …

  • Group IM: Users can open multiple Groups simultaneously, initiate a Group IM and/or broadcast to the group, and view a list of all participants in the Group IM.
  • Oak Call Recorder Integration: Call Recordings can now be started, stopped, bookmarked and forwarded via the Toshiba UCedge application running on iOS and Android mobile devices, Windows PCs and Mac computers, as well as Toshiba’s earlier Call Manager client that runs on a Windows PC.
  • Softphone Trial License: Allows users to experience the convenience of using their mobile devices as office extensions to handle calls through the Toshiba phone system over a corporate Wi-Fi connection.
  • Fly-over Text for Icons: To help users with UCedge command icons, flyover text displays a description of the functionality by hovering over the icon or tapping the icon.

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