Toshiba Adds Salesforce Integration for IPedge System and Application Server

The tight integration between Toshiba’s IPedge business telephone systems and the Salesforce application enables call control and management directly from the Salesforce interface, eliminating the need to toggle between applications or perform manual look-ups. The result: Customer interactions become simpler, more efficient and more effective.

A simple download and installation of the Toshiba Salesforce plug-in enables access to the following call-related activities from within the Salesforce interface:

  • Click-to-Call – The click-to-call capability provides an easy way to call a contact stored in the Salesforce application. The plug-in adds a small phone icon next to the phone number, and by clicking the icon, a call is automatically placed to the contact. Basic Toshiba phone system calling features are available, including making and receiving calls.
  • Contact History – Contact history records are automatically created for every incoming and outgoing call associated with a particular contact. Users can edit the record with additional notes as desired.
  • Screen Pops – The plug-in can be configured to automatically display a screen pop of the customer contact information based on the phone number (Caller ID), allowing the user or agent to process the customer’s request quickly and accurately. If no matching contact is found, Salesforce can be configured to open and create a new customer record.
  • Easy Activation – The Toshiba Salesforce plug-in is available as a download from the Salesforce App Exchange online store and is easily installed by the system administrator into the App Setup area in Salesforce, specifically into the Call Center setup menu.

The Salesforce plug-in requires Toshiba’s IPedge R1.7.1 or higher, or Strata CIX systems with an IPedge R1.7.1 App Server, as well as a license for each user.

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