CTS Sponsors LET’S GO Boys & Girls, Local STEM Non-profit, with Office Space & Tech Support

CTS has opened its doors to LET’S GO Boys & Girls, a local non-profit making a big difference in our community. LET’S GO inspires and supports under-served students to become STEM professionals. Youth in LET’S GO partner schools throughout the region are engaged in STEM activities – Robotics, Math, Science and Engineering.

Are you a STEM professional?

There are a variety of ways to volunteer with LET’S GO including tutoring, assisting a lesson, coaching, mentoring and guest speaking. If you want to serve your community and help increase STEM interest among students, please reach out here.

Students Today. Tech leaders tomorrow.

At CTS headquarters, we provide office, conference and storage space to LET’S GO, and of course they’ve been able to use our office technology and phone systems to pursue their important work. Many generous sponsors in the private sector are making significant contributions to LET’S GO’s mission and we encourage you to join in here.

Questions? Contact us today: 800.787.4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us.


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