Ready for the Holiday Rush? Today’s UC Solutions are a Game Changer for SMBs

As we approach the 2023 Holiday season, small business owners have a lot to consider…

  • After navigating a global pandemic and high inflation, small business owners know they need to be prepared for unexpected business disruptions.
  • Customer expectations have reached an all-time high, and delivering an optimal customer experience has become more critical than ever.
  • Employee needs have also changed, with many desiring more flexible and fulfilling work options.

These increasing demands present new challenges for SMB owners and IT professionals who now must develop a strategy for connecting a distributed workforce while meeting customers where they are.

The SMBs that will be the most successful are implementing Unified Communication (UC) tools that provide resilience over the long term.

Modern UC is more than a phone on a desk. Today’s UC tools are integral in streamlining business processes by combining features like Team messaging, AI-powered chatbots, Video chat, and Third-party app integrations.

  • Delivering an Optimal Customer Experience – Modern UC solutions provide SMBs with the flexibility to connect with customers on their preferred channels – whether it be contact center, SMS, Web chat, email, social media, or even virtual agents. Look for UC solutions that easily follow a customer conversation from virtual chat to phone to email.
  • Providing Flexibility to Employees – Unsurprisingly, 98% of employees want to work remotely at least part of the time. As your workforce moves toward a hybrid work model, long-distance collaboration will be essential. One easy-to-use tool simplifies this process for both employees and IT departments bringing together phone, chat or messaging, audio and video conferencing, web collaboration, and more.
  • The Cost Consideration – Lost productivity from poor communications strategies can cost SMBs significant dollars – funds that small business owners can’t afford to lose. They need reliable UC tools that are scalable and can grow and change alongside their business. Their UC deployment models must adapt to what’s best for business – whether that’s on-premises, in a private or public Cloud, or hybrid.

Looking Toward the Holidays

As many SMBs prepare for the peak retail season, there’s no better time to implement UC tools into business practices. Customers will spend money with businesses that are easy to communicate with and can solve any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently.

Employees looking to pick up holiday work will also be attracted to businesses with systems that make their jobs and lives easier. Modernized UC tools set SMBs up for long-term business growth and stability in our dynamic, competitive marketplace.

Set yourself up for success. Let’s talk about UC tools that can help you get ahead.

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