How Cloud and Mobile are Revolutionizing Eldercare and Healthcare

The eldercare industry and healthcare providers are undergoing a radical transformation. Today, people live longer and want to spend their final years living at home. Healthcare providers are challenged with keeping services affordable as they look to new technological advances to provide better patient care.
How can you provide seamless, integrated communications for the elderly living at home or in a long-term care facility? How can you deliver a personalized and quality care patient experience, while at the same time reducing costs?
CTS and Mitel provide customized healthcare systems that connect patients with our region’s leading hospitals and group practices.
Mitel Healthcare Solutions
  • HIPAA Certified – Go with a provider that’s HIPAA certified, so your communications are protected on-site or in the cloud.
  • Improve Productivity – More effective workflows mean quicker check-ins, quicker check-outs, and more productive shifts.
  • Generate More Revenue – Better care means higher satisfaction and reimbursement rates.
Seamless connections between patients and their providers – including hospitals and primary care doctor’s offices – are key to giving patients the best care possible and increasing staff efficiency.
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