School Administrators… Assess Your Emergency Communications & Protect Your Community

As the summer break winds down, it’s a good idea to assess your broadcast and emergency communications…

During a crisis, your communications system can be a lifeline for teachers, students, parents, and staff. To increase speed and responsiveness, CTS offers advanced Mitel technology that helps your school achieve higher levels of safety and security…

  • E911 Capabilities that instantly identify the location of a caller to police departments and other responders.
  • Real-Time Alerts that generate audible desktop alarms and phone calls to all connected users. 
  • Multi-Level Notifications that offer a variety of alert types and codes to ensure an appropriate emergency response.
  • Detailed Activity Log that time-stamps every event for training, legal reference, PR, and policy management.

Thinking about your school’s lifeline? Contact us at 800.787.4848 or to learn more about the latest safety and security technologies for your school.


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