How Poor Communications Can Cost Your Business

With only one-third of small and medium sized businesses surviving 10 years of operations, everyone understands that cash is king in the business world. A poor communications strategy can cost your business upwards of $6,000 per employee per year, creating a financial drag and potentially threatening the survival of your business.

Mitel has put together an informative 30-minute webinar featuring technology evangelist Ryan Smith, Director of Solutions Marketing at Mitel, who covers:

  • Hidden communications inefficiencies and how they can stifle growth for your business
  • Quantitative and qualitative effects of poor collaboration among your employees
  • How the right communications system can save you time and money

Tune into Ryan’s eye-opening Webinar here.

Known as “The Voice of Mitel,” Ryan Smith has 20 years of experience in technology marketing and product development. With a focus on how cloud, collaboration, and emerging technologies accelerate digital transformation, Ryan shares his expertise with others to help them identify new market opportunities, develop compelling messaging and positioning, and execute on their business strategy.

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