How SIP Trunks Improve Business Communications

SIP trunks, based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), are among the fastest and most efficient ways to set up, run and manage voice and other applications over broadband.

SIP improves business communication in several ways…

  • Number portability: Since SIP trunks and their associated phone numbers are not bound to a location, it is easy to move offices without having to inform customers or having to rely on a telephone company to redirect callers to a new number.
  • Customer service: By pointing more local, regional or international phone numbers to your SIP trunks, you are giving callers in remote markets more options to reach you. They can save on long distance – making it more attractive for them to contact your business.
  • More flexibility: To cope with seasonal changes in call volume, it is easy to vary the number of channels available on SIP services. A quick phone call or an online command, and you’re all set.
  • Business continuity: If an office is temporarily relocated in an emergency, the use of SIP trunks expedites the redirection of calls to the alternate site.

Selecting the right SIP provider does require due diligence to make sure the provider can offer the features, reliability and flexibility your business needs.

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