Robocalls and Texts – The ‘Do Not Disturb Act’ and How to Stop Unwanted Calls and Scams

New Federal legislation has been proposed to strengthen consumer protections in the face of evolving Robocall technology and Text scam practices – The Do Not Disturb Act (H.R. 7116).

Key points of the Do Not Disturb Act include:

  • Disclosure of AI Use: The Act requires that if a robocaller uses artificial intelligence to mimic a human being, they must disclose this at the beginning of the call or text message.
  • Robocall Definition: The bill defines robocalls to include text messages and ensures broad protections for consumers as call and text message technology evolves.
  • Combatting Scams: It equips federal agencies to act against scammers using AI for illegal calls, enforce penalties, and remove illegal calls from networks.
  • Cost of Robocall Blocking: Network service providers would be mandated to offer robocall blocking technology to customers, helping them block potentially illegal calls.

To combat robocalls and texts, SMBs can take proactive measures:

  • Add Numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry: Register work phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to reduce unwanted calls.
  • Stay Informed and Vigilant: Keep up-to-date on new scams and avoid sharing sensitive information over the phone. Hang up if there are doubts about the caller’s legitimacy and verify information independently.
  • Avoid Interaction with Robocalls: Never engage with robocalls beyond hanging up. Avoid responding to prompts or calling back numbers provided in the call as this can lead to more unwanted calls.
  • Utilize Call-Blocking Services & Apps: Consider using call-blocking services offered by mobile providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, or third-party apps to prevent robocalls from reaching your business lines.

To significantly reduce the impact of robocalls and texts on your operations, productivity, and security, take action! Need help with your business communications?

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