Add Virtualized Voice for IT Savings & Simplicity

Many businesses today rely on stove-piped, standalone servers to support a complicated mix of operating systems, applications and database files. With such a wide range of growing demands, IT professionals often wonder if their data center can keep up.

Increasingly, IT decision makers are turning to virtualization as a proven way to downsize the physical infrastructure by relying on fewer servers, which also streamlines IT operations and can cut costs.

Mitel and VMware have teamed up to allow your telephone systems hardware to be condensed right along with your computing infrastructure, further streamlining your overall network and simplifying voice administration.

There are other advantages to “virtualizing” the voice environment, such as:

  • Making upgrades and voice management tasks simpler, allowing your IT department to spend more time innovating on new ways to grow the business.
  • Cutting hardware and operational costs by up to 50%.
  • Letting less hardware do more.
  • Reducing energy costs and consumption by up to 80% without sacrificing functionality.

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