5 Tips for Effective Video Conferences

By Jeff Nolte

November 30, 2012


The number of home workers, or teleworkers, is expected to continue to increase in the coming years as companies adopt a more mobile work style. Videoconferencing plays a key role in this shift and, when done right, can provide your business with significant competitive advantage.

These five tips for teleworkers help your company keep a professional image regardless of where people are working…

  • Office ambience. Consider office lighting, appearance and background. If possible, use a lot of natural bright lighting. Your home office should also be free of clutter.
  • Personal appearance. How you look on screen is important, especially when conferencing with customers and partners. Good grooming and proper dress set the tone for a productive session.
  • Video service. Skype and Facetime are simple and easy to use, but they aren’t ideal for every business call. You will want a scalable, high-performance platform that won’t hang during your conference or provide jerky, pixelated images.
  • Collaboration features. Attending and leading video conferences are extremely important for large-scale projects. You will need an easy way to invite participants and the ability to share materials such as presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images.
  • Bottom line benefits. Video conferencing from home isn’t only a convenience; it also reduces travel costs and business downtime. Done right, a professional on-camera presence portrays your company as a technology leader. People will be able to associate your ideas with a face and a personality — things a phone conference alone has always lacked.

Let Chesapeake help you set up a telework program that keeps you looking your best. You get immediate productivity and efficiency benefits, plus disaster protection when you need it. Contact us today at (800) 787-4848 or email jnolte@chesapeaketelephone.com.


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