VoIP Trends: FCC Continues to Refine National Broadband Framework

Posted on Nov 30, 2011 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

America’s Broadband Connectivity framework, currently under consideration by the Federal Communications Commission, consists of three components that together are intended to provide universal access to broadband service…

  • The plan creates new universal service programs that support the provision of broadband service in high-cost areas, replacing the patchwork of legacy universal service programs that were designed to support ‘Plain Old Telephone Service’ (POTS).
  • The plan reforms the inter-carrier compensation system to reduce carriers’ reliance on support mechanisms that are no longer sustainable and were not designed to support the deployment of broadband.
  • The plan eliminates obsolete regulations that are no longer necessary as carriers transition from POTS to IP-based broadband networks.

For a more detailed overview of the FCC’s planning and the issues that are being deliberated click here.

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