Message on Hold — No Cost Advertising, and More Effective!

By Jeff Nolte

September 19, 2011


According to industry statistics, up to 70% of business callers are put on hold. Instead of having them wait in silence, now you can use this opportunity to inform them about your products and special deals!

Chesapeake offers a range of digital message units from Premier Technologies that offer continuous playback.

The popular USB 1100 model stores your audio message on a USB Flash drive which plugs into the unit. The loading of the audio is easily done by “dragging and dropping” mp3 file(s) without the use of special software. You can…

  • Store and play over 1,000 audio files.
  • Configure the device and adjust audio through a web browser.
  • Constant power source and solid-state memory will re-boot the audio playback automatically after a power outage.

Let Chesapeake help you keep your customers on the line and ready to buy. We’ll get you started.

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