The Business Case for Voice Documentation

By Jeff Nolte

March 13, 2011


How many emails do you have in your inbox? Hundreds if not thousands? The temptation is to delete them after you’re done with them to eliminate the clutter. But what if you need the information later, or need to forward the emails to someone else who thinks they’re important?

The same applies to your voice conversations… Why would you not have those stored and readily available as well? You may need to store voice conversations to comply with regulations, to limit legal exposure, to help resolve customer complaints, to verify call center transactions, or to improve agent performance.

Using a variety of recording triggers, you can target those conversations that have lasting impact on your business. Here are just a few of the features that come with today’s Voice Documentation systems:

  • Ability to highlight, annotate and share select portions of a call recording
  • Selective call recording, allowing only desired extensions to be monitored
  • Security permissions that provide discrete access to the entire call recording, or just a select segment
  • Playback via encrypted media file streaming for an enhanced level of security
  • Flexible call recording connectivity options, including IP station side, trunk side, digital station side and VOX recording
  • Click-once installation and upgrade technology for faster, simpler deployment

Two applications from Oaisys can help you record, organize and retrieve your voice conversations:

  • Talkument voice documentation software provides you with complete control over risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution, and other critical business concerns. You get the familiarity of an Outlook-style interface to store and organize call recordings of your important business telephone conversations.
  • Tracer is a contact center recording and quality assurance solution that helps you implement highly effective compliance, process and risk management programs. Tracer ensures phone-based interactions are readily available for handling disputes and verifying transactions.

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