Mitel’s Award-Winning DECT Phones Enable You to Work on the Move

Wherever you are – at the office, on the production floor, in a warehouse, or at your home office – the Mitel 600 DECT family of handsets is a reliable communications assistant. CTS offers these popular devices to support your organization’s need for mobility, over-the-air synchronization, enhanced signal strength, advanced security protocols, super audio quality, and more.

Maximum Freedom of Movement

The 600 DECT handset’s multi-cellular radio technology means you can reach users anywhere on your company premises. For extended coverage, the Mitel SIP-DECT base station can be equipped with external antennas.

Over-the-Air Synchronization

The 600 DECT handset requires minimal setup time. No external download server is required to host the DECT handset firmware, and software upgrades are pushed over the air with your company settings, language, and menu items.

More Benefits of 600 DECT Handset Series

  • Reliable Connections and Superior Audio – Mitel’s 600 DECT Series handsets are built to the highest security standards — secure signaling, voice encryption, user authentication, and more — to safeguard your secrets and ensure confidential communications. The excellent sound quality featuring an ambient noise filter for loud environments makes it possible to work stress-free and relaxed, especially in hands-free mode.
  • Antimicrobial-Treated Plastics – Mitel’s 600 DECT handsets are built using plastics treated with an antimicrobial compound from BioCote that is shown to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria on the phone’s plastic surfaces. The handset’s design also minimizes crevices and holes that might collect germs, dirt, and grime.
  • Adjustable Display and Intuitive Use – The 600 DECT Series’ two-inch color TFT display features a scratch-resistant lens. The large display size provides the perfect conditions for intuitive menu guidance and ergonomic operation. The display brightness and contrast can be adjusted and customized to your personal preferences and habits.
  • Latest IP and DECT Security – The Mitel 600 DECT Series supports the Generic Access Profile (GAP) standard, DSAA authentication between base and handset, DECT encryption, enhanced DECT security, and DECT XQ technology to minimize interference in reflecting environments.

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