Strengthen the 5 Habits of Successful Teams with Better Technology

Successful teams share common behaviors. Here are 5 team habits you can empower with technology to help your people collaborate, share ideas, and get more done in their workday…

  • They’re reachable. You can’t be agile if you’re disconnected. A cloud-based collaboration and communications solution provides a single experience across devices and lets workers seamlessly move from one device to another. Team members are always “on” and thus more responsive.
  • They share information. Cloud Voice services that mirror conversations across all devices in real-time allow team members to keep their finger on the pulse of all projects and discussions. Single-click audio, video, and web conferencing, in addition to individual and group chat, keep the lines of communication open at all times.
  • They keep each other informed. Persistent workspaces foster collaboration and allow users to chat, share files and even create tasks. Everyone has access to the information they need to do their jobs, and people know what they’re responsible for. The tasks performed by each team member complement those of their colleagues, with everyone working toward a well-understood goal.
  • They’re organized. Organization is a critical quality of responsive and adaptive teams. A cloud voice system makes it easy with task management and file sharing. Consolidate conversations and activities into one space for quick access to anything you need during the workday. Calendar and email integration take organization to a new level, keeping team members on top of events, client meetings, and messages.
  • They track progress. Agile teams reach the finish line faster by knowing exactly how far they’ve come and what they still need to do. A virtual workspace app lets them know what activities still require attention. A personal dashboard makes it easy to see project status, propelling each team member toward their ultimate goal.

Arm your team with an all-in-one cloud voice service that makes it easy to talk, chat and share ideas and information easily and quickly.

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