How Mass Notifications Improve Everyday Communications

Mass notifications and broadcast communications help businesses keep personnel informed and happy, improve productivity, and engage customers.

CTS enables you to broadcast notifications across a broad range of devices, including laptops, desktop PCs and phones, smartphones, paging systems, SMS text, and email to reach your audience. Let’s take a closer look at some practical uses of mass notifications in key markets:

  • Healthcare: Quickly find coverage when short-staffed with group notifications, ensuring patients receive the proper level of care.
  • Hospitality: Notify guests via smartphone of special hotel events such as fitness classes, shows and family events. Alert staff to scheduling changes and maintenance needs.
  • Government: Quickly update personnel of schedule and event changes, no matter where they are. And receipt acknowledgements let you know when critical team members have read and received the message.
  • Education: Keep busy parents up to date with friendly reminders about upcoming school events. Encourage staff and students to participate in activities like fundraisers and after-hours educational sessions.
  • Field Services: Technicians can notify managers when they’re held up on a job so the company can reroute another tech to the next customer waiting for service.
  • Retail: Notify customers of current promotions, price reductions, product information, or special store hours via mass SMS messaging. Alert staffers when inventory runs low, so shelves can be restocked before they become empty.

Successful organizations across all industries use mass notifications to keep communication channels open all day, every day.

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