Get to Know Wi-Fi 6… Faster, More Range, Supports More Devices

Wi-Fi is already the primary connectivity method for billions of devices, users and things. Now the wireless technology has taken a giant leap with Wi-Fi 6, offering even higher performance to support your current and emerging business applications.

For starters, Wi-Fi 6 – also known as 802.11ax – delivers nearly 4 times the speed of the latest standard 802.11ac, or Wi-Fi 5, while offering efficient operation, tight security, ease of use, self-deployment, and long-term compatibility. It also provides a more reliable user experience in areas of high demand. Wi-Fi 6 leverages Wi-Fi’s popularity to support growing data requirements, streaming high-definition content, real-time monitoring, and mission critical business applications.

Advanced capabilities available in Wi-Fi 6 include:

  • Sharing of channels to increase network efficiency and lower latency for both uplink and downlink traffic in high demand environments.
  • Allowing more downlink data to be transferred at once and enabling an access point to transmit data to a larger number of devices concurrently.
  • Offering wider channels to deliver greater performance with lower latency.
  • Improving battery life in Wi-Fi devices, including IoT devices.
  • Increasing throughput in Wi-Fi devices by encoding more data in the same amount of spectrum.
  • Enabling higher data rates at a given range resulting in greater overall network capacity.

Wi-Fi 6 also delivers critical connectivity that supports cellular networks, leveraging high speeds, low latency, power efficiency, greater capacity, and enhanced coverage to deliver many advanced 5G services.

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