Don’t be THAT guy… Videoconference Etiquette for Open Spaces

Open workspaces mean one thing – we need to learn how to work alongside each other in an open environment. This calls for a new kind of etiquette, particularly when it comes to things that can affect co-workers near you, such as videoconferencing.

Follow these tips to set the right tone in your office…

  • Huddle Up And Close The Door – The best way to handle a video call is to take advantage of a huddle room and close the door. Your co-workers will appreciate it, and it will enable you to stay more focused on the call.
  • Put On Your Best Headset – In a public space, be sure to have a quality piece of equipment that includes a microphone so you don’t need to shout to be heard. This will also ensure you don’t have to constantly repeat yourself and distract your neighbors.
  • The Right Angle – When it comes to videoconferencing in a public space, make sure the camera is focused on your face and eliminates as much of your surroundings as possible. This minimizes background distractions and keeps co-workers on the call focused.
  • Turn It Down – It’s easy to get invested in a call and forget how loud you seem to those around you. Remind yourself to keep it down while you’re talking, unless you want everyone around you to chime in.
  • Give Fair Warning – One of the easiest ways to avoid problems with video calls is to let your coworkers know when you have one scheduled.
  • Keep It Quiet – Keeping your video calls as quiet as you can will earn you the respect of your co-workers. And remember to mute that extra line whenever you dial in to a conference using both your computer and your phone to avoid creating that annoying shrieking noise.

With a little self-coaching to remember The Golden Rule, videoconferencing makes sense for any office configuration.

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