CTS-powered Beacon Cloud Voice Service… Simplicity & Mobility Priced Right!

Let Beacon’s friendly experts set you up with the latest in Business Voice technology. Here’s a sampling of the many advantages that come with CTS-powered Beacon Cloud Voice service…

  • Cost Savings – Forget about paying for expensive in-house phone systems. Save big on your monthly service fees… Get Beacon’s complete service and unlimited local and domestic long distance for only $19.95/month. Check out our plans… Just click here!
  • True Mobility – Give your team uninterrupted connectivity and productivity, with reliable telecom access from virtually anywhere.
  • Advanced Features – Cloud Phones offers all the capabilities you expect.
  • Automatic Upgrades – Because VoIP is hosted elsewhere, you’ll never need to upgrade any hardware or software on your end. All upgrades happen in the background and are fully automated.
  • Ongoing Simplicity – VoIP puts you in control of adding and/or deleting users as well as enabling additional features.
  • More Resilience – Floods? Earthquakes? Fires? Bounce right back! With cloud phone, you keep no physical boxes are kept on your premises. Should catastrophe strike, you can manage your phones from any internet connection!
  • Effortless Scalability – Scaling your hosted phone system up or down is super easy. Address temporary spikes or permanent system upgrades quickly and seamlessly without any disruption to service.

Contact us today at 443-577-1733 or info@beaconcloudvoice.com.


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