Structured Cabling | Wireless

We have years of experience designing, installing and supporting structured cabling solutions for our customers. We offer standards-based cabling solutions for voice and data within commercial, government and school environments. Our cabling solutions encompass:

  • Physical network planning and design
  • Horizontal cabling to the desktop
  • Cabling between floors and from demarcation points or computer rooms to equipment closets
  • Wireless LANs and point-to-point installations

Wireless networks support a variety of portable devices such as laptop computers, PDAs and even IP telephones, anywhere in your office or corporate campus, offering your company greater mobility and high-performance access to critical data resources.

CTS offers a complete range of Wireless LAN products and services. All of our solutions take into account security and the optimum deployment of access points to ensure that your staff can securely access the LAN from wherever they are on site.

We use cable and wireless products from leading manufacturers to design and deliver turnkey solutions with complete installation, programming and training of your staff.

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If you are expanding offices or moving to a new location, the best time to engage our services is before your building plans are finalized. By working with your architect, renovator or real estate developer, we can ensure that all your infrastructure requirements are addressed.

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