Reuse Legacy Infrastructure

Use old 2-wire cabling for VoIP, Data, even Video Surveillance Systems

Phybridge’s award-winning, patented technology allows CTS customers to transform their existing voice infrastructure into an IP path with in-line power, ideal for modern IP Telephony platforms. These innovative Switches move the convergence point to the central closet, saving you a bundle over installing new wiring.

Phybridge LAN switches enable Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of wires with 4 times the reach of traditional switches. They support the full range of phone system manufacturers represented by CTS… Mitel, Toshiba, and more.

Two Wire Networking Leaders

Polre Switch

Polre Switch

Uniphyer Switch

Uniphyer Switch


  • Ethernet with PoE over a Single Pair with Reach of 1,200 feet.
  • 24- or 48-port units that can scale to thousands of users.
  • Quality of Service guaranteed.
  • Support devices like IP camera, speakers, and wireless access points.

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