Phone Systems | IP Telephony

VoIP helps businesses become more competitive by greatly improving customer service and organizational efficiency. It’s the essential component of the new business technology infrastructure, which enables you to take advantage of such advanced applications as:

  • Mobility – Gives you the ability to receive calls either at your desktop phone or on a mobile phone or PDA. It associates your cell phone number with your business IP phone number so that incoming calls ring on both phones.
  • Unified Messaging – Allows you to open, sort, and archive voice mails and faxes from your e-mail inbox or listen to e-mail messages from your phone. These are powerful capabilities, especially if you spend time working away from the office.
  • Softphones – Extends your IP phone system to your laptop, allowing you to access all the features and functions of your office phone when you connect to the Internet while traveling.
  • Teleworking − Lets employees work at home or from a remote location, saving on real estate costs, improving productivity, relieving commuting stress, and allowing your business to take calls if your office building suffers a power outage or becomes inaccessible.
  • Web Based Administration − Relieves IT staff of much of the administrative burden of adding and moving phones, keeping up with new system capabilities, and assigning features to employees.

Chesapeake offers feature-rich voice products, services and applications from best-in-class providers that will meet your needs for performance, reliability and cost savings.

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