Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring

As part of our full-service technology portfolio, CTS partners with proven local partners and industry leaders to arrange and support fire protection services that include installation, testing, monitoring and inspections.

We can arrange UL radio communicators to monitor your fire system without the need for conventional phone lines. Fire alarm controls can be integrated with an Emergency Communications System to simplify the programming and operation of the entire system.

Advanced Features

  • Ease of programming reduces installation time for small and large projects.
  • Distributed power supplies enable more effective use of power for notifications.
  • Advanced smoke detection minimizes nuisance alarms in areas prone to false alarms.
  • Emergency communications capabilities integrated with fire alarm controls ensure the right message gets to building occupants for immediate evacuation.
  • Emergency notifications can be issued via telephone line, IP, GSM and SMS technologies.
  • A different recorded message can be mapped to each emergency communication channel.
  • Networkable control panels ensure complete building coverage and ADA compliance.
  • Functional system design allows flexibility to meet current and future building needs.

Protect What Counts

Our fire protection experts can support a single office up to multi-node networks capable of handling thousands of points.

Contact CTS for a site assessment and custom fire alarm solution for your business.