Conferencing | Audio, Web, Video

Conferencing technology enables you to reduce travel costs and increase productivity. You can bring people together for:

  • Training
  • Sales demonstrations
  • Customer support
  • Everyday business meetings and communications

Chesapeake partners with the industry’s leaders to provide a variety of audio, web, and video conferencing arrangements.

Suitable for Heavy and Occasional Usage

Customers with heavy usage get a quick payback and ROI with an on-premises solution that pays for itself by eliminating ongoing usage charges.

If your usage is more ad hoc, you may benefit from a pay-as-you-go subscription model. Chesapeake extends our high volume discount to you – don’t pay higher retail rates! Give us a call and we’ll get you set up.

Video can take your meetings to the next level…

Desktop and Mobile video solutions seamlessly add video to your telephone conversations, allowing remote workers to see, hear and interact together no matter where they are physically located.

Room systems offer flat panel displays that are ideal for group meetings between local and remote staff.

Chesapeake’s Video Conferencing Partners include: Mitel, Polycom, VTEL, and Zoom.

Video Conferencing Solution Spotlight


Our partners VTEL and Zoom have combined to offer video conferencing with new capabilities and dramatic savings.

Unify your HD room systems, video conferencing, mobility and web meetings


Zoom’s Unified Meeting is an innovative hybrid cloud service that works across desktop, tablet, mobile and room systems. It is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and H.323/SIP room systems. You get unlimited HD videoconferencing on any device for up to 25 people or rooms, built-in recording and web conferencing for $10 per month (total, not per site).
Visit Zoom for more details.

Complete Room Systems


VTEL’s IPanel seamlessly blends advanced HDTV viewing, PC applications, Internet applications, Zoom-optimized video conferencing, and optional H.323. This all-in-one applications platform is everything you need for your conference room or classroom – many useful capabilities integrated into one platform and displayed on large HD screens. Together, VTEL and Zoom support dual stream for dual screen:

Get affordable All-in-One Telepresence

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