5 Ways Your Business Benefits with Call/Contact Center Technology

Today’s Call/Contact Centers are not just for big organizations, they’re now affordable and well suited for businesses of any size or industry. Every incoming call is an opportunity and you have just one chance to make a good first impression… Here are just 5 of the many ways you can benefit:

1. Streamlined implementation and simplified management
Increasingly call/contact centers are deployed as an App that comes with, or is added to, a premises or cloud-hosted VoIP phone system. Intuitive management tools enable them to be self-managed or you can get managed support from a local technology partner or service provider.

2. Productivity tools that empower your people
Intuitive desktop productivity tools help call/contact center agents quickly identify your customers, conference in experts as needed for consultations, and provide first-call resolutions. Screen-pops display customer database information to help agents personalize phone calls. Agents can engage customers over their preferred communication media: voice, web chat, email, and text messaging.

3. Managing downtime with distributed agents
Telecommuting features allow agents and supervisors to work from home or remote offices, while still leveraging supervision, reporting, and unified management capabilities. Distributing call/contact center staff at different work locations provides reliable business continuity when your office is cut off by bad weather or service outages.

4. Performance monitoring to improve operations
Real-time and historical reports are easily created to measure call/contact center performance against business goals. Supervisors can track and report on agent, queue, and trunk performance to fine-tune operations and improve the customer experience. Tools allow supervisors can ensure that skilled agents are available to handle the forcasted call volume, optimize resource usage, and effectively control costs. Collecting vital customer feedback helps to further strengthen the business.

5. Meeting compliance goals and avoiding threats
By recording and archiving calls – producing easily searchable, verifiable records – you’ll help protect your business from disputes, while avoiding unnecessary penalties, fees and damages. Recorded calls are an effective tool for coaching, training and recognition, and can help fine-tune marketing campaigns.

With a range of flexible deployment options, CTS enables your business to improve customer support and improve daily operations. Let’s meet and map out a Call/Contact Center plan for your business. Contact us today: (800) 787-4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us.


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