Old Phone System Slowing You Down? Recharge Your Competitive Edge with Mitel

You can’t afford to look back when you’re trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. But an old phone system keeps business processes locked in the past. Recharge your competitive edge with a new Mitel voice communications solution from Chesapeake…

  • It will keep your employees connected with each other, suppliers, partners and customers.
  • It will improve customer retention with new features, such as “follow me”, which make it easier for customers to connect with you, so you don’t lose business.
  • It will increase productivity by allowing employees to manage their calls and time more effectively and efficiently.
  • And it will eliminate costly maintenance fees that eat into profit margins.

See Mitel’s “Guide to Finding a New Phone System”

Increase your efficiency and productivity, lower your costs, and deliver higher profits with a new Mitel voice solution from CTS. To get started, contact us today at: (800) 787-4848 or jnolte@CTSmd.us.


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