5 Reasons Hosted Phone Systems May be the Right Approach

Phone systems have traditionally been deployed on-site, but today the lure of the cloud is strong. A hosted phone system in the cloud can be a good fit for small to mid-sized businesses or an enterprise that needs to connect smaller, remote offices.

Here are 5 reasons to opt for a hosted phone system:

  • Features – Using any device at any location, you get all the features you’ve grown accustomed to with a traditional premises system, plus advanced features that include Unified Communications, click-to-dial, presence, instant messaging, integration with leading CRM programs and so much more.
  • Predictable costs – Cloud-based voice solutions eliminate the need for an upfront investment in hardware. Costs become operational expenses and are predictable because they are based on the number of users.
  • Rapid deployment – You don’t need an IT staff to buy, install and configure your system, servers and storage. Order only the capabilities you need now.
  • Simplicity – With voice-as-a-service, maintenance and support are greatly simplified, and upgrades are automatic.
  • Pay as you grow – Whether your business is growing or needs to scale down in a pinch, a cloud service can adapt to your needs quickly. You can fulfill peak demand for functions like a conference or for temporary seasonal business, and then scale back as your needs change.

Today you have the flexibility of deploying business communications either on-site or hosted in the cloud — or combining them into a hybrid solution to exploit the best of both worlds.

Whatever your situation, Chesapeake is ready to help you through the selection process to ensure you get the best approach for your business. Contact us today at (800) 787-4848 or jnolte@CTSmd.us.


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