5 Reasons On-Premises Phone Systems May be the Right Approach

Phone service delivered from the cloud is growing in popularity, but discussions of the concept often leave out why many businesses stay with an on-premises solution. Here are 5 reasons to opt for on-premises phone system.

  • Customization – Some businesses may require a higher degree of feature customization than what’s available from a cloud service provider’s standard offering.
  • Provider Lock-in – When a business commits its IT staff to cloud services, it can be very difficult and expensive to return those cloud-based services back into an on-premises solution/network when things don’t work out.
  • Regulatory Compliance – The compliance, regulatory, and security requirements of the business may not allow outsourcing to a cloud provider, especially in cases involving the protection of client or patient records.
  • Security – Even if a business is not under a regulatory mandate, ownership and management of IT equipment often results in better security than if that responsibility is offloaded to a third-party.
  • Finances – If a business is capital intensive, the OPEX approach of cloud UC service may not fit into its financial model, especially if the on-premises system and network services are currently covered by contracts that will not expire soon and contract termination is not negotiable.

Cloud, on premises, and hybrid deployment options all have their pros and cons. The experts at Chesapeake can help you choose the right approach for your unique needs: (800) 787-4848 or jnolte@CTSmd.us.


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