How CTS Makes Moving Your Office Easy

Regardless of whether you are expanding locally, combining companies, or moving across the country – the transition can be stressful. Chesapeake specializes in helping to make the moving process easier and smoother.

Arranging and working with multiple vendors to get an older phone system up and running can be challenging, but we make it easy.

We understand the importance of getting your communications up and running quickly in your new office. We offer fast and professional solutions that help you make a smooth transition.

When you need an upgrade, our IP-based phone systems offer all the features and capabilities you want, especially if your business requires the flexibility and freedom to communicate easily between multiple sites. Regardless of your deployment preference – on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid – we can arrange it so that all your locations are part of the same integrated voice network.

Ready to get moving? Contact Chesapeake today… We’ll take the hassle out of your relocation: (800) 787-4848 or


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