Phybridge Switches Transform Analog COAX into an IP Network with PoE

Knowing that high quality, reliable surveillance cameras keep a vigilant eye on your facility even when you are not there can provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

Chesapeake offers innovative ways to afford a scalable end-to-end solution. Now you can transform your existing coax infrastructure into an IP path with integrated power, making it ideal for IP Camera migration.

Switches supporting Coax Leveraged Ethernet Extended Reach (CLEER) and Ethernet over Coax (EC) deliver high speeds and Power over Ethernet across coax cable with a reach of over 2,000 feet.

The Phybridge EC is a 10-port switch designed to facilitate seamless switchover from an analog to an IP infrastructure by leveraging existing coax cables.

The Phybridge CLEER is a 24-port switch that comes equipped with power sharing, load balancing, AC/DC options, and a hot-swappable power supply.

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