Secure Your Business With Affordable IP Video Surveillance

Now you can keep an eye on your business and protect your people in banking, commercial, education, government, industrial, and retail spaces…

IP-based video surveillance systems come in a variety of different configurations with all of the equipment and management tools you need:

  • Cameras: Wired or Wireless Pan/Tilt, Indoor, Outdoors, Bullet, Domed
  • Monitors: Color, HD, PC-based, Dedicated
  • Digital Recorders & Servers: Network
  • Accessories that support your specific needs

Need video recording solutions equipped with built-in Ethernet or Wireless networking capabilities?

Have an existing video infrastructure? Hybrid network cameras can be seamlessly integrated into either digital or analog systems.

For high-security locations, we also offer night-vision camera technology that captures high-resolution color video in starlight conditions.

Protect what’s important to you. Call the Chesapeake Video Surveillance experts: (800) 787-4848 or email


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