Toshiba IPedge Offers Scalability and Easy Maintenance

By Jeff Nolte

June 25, 2013


Growing your business these days requires a reliable office communication system that doesn’t need a forklift upgrade to keep pace with emerging features. Toshiba’s IPedge offers these advantages and more…

Scalability – IPedge can be easily upgraded to suit the needs of your business. Its Open Standards platform means that future endpoint devices and applications will always be compatible with the system, protecting your investment long into the future. Flexible IPedge servers can be networked together and are sized to fit small, mid-sized, and larger businesses…

  • IPedge EP – Supports up to 40 users per server
  • IPedge EC – Supports up to 200 users per server
  • IPedge EM – Supports up to 1,000 users per server

Single Server Simplicity – IPedge Integrates multiple communication apps on one optimized platform. Standard apps include call processing, voicemail, and centralized system administration. Optional apps include unified messaging, meet-me conferencing and collaboration, and the Call Manager UC client app. Running multiple apps on one unified server, instead of requiring an individual server for each app, delivers savings on equipment purchasing and ongoing maintenance costs.

Easy Maintenance – While legacy systems require the services of technicians, the IPedge uses a simple, online browser for system management. Making a move? Users get instant access to the network when they plug their IP Phones into any RJ45 jack on the network.

Find out how else Toshiba’s IPedge can ease your expansion and maintenance headaches. Contact us today at (800) 787-4848 or


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