Safeguard Your Business with Video Surveillance Solutions

By Jeff Nolte

January 14, 2013


Today’s video surveillance systems provide reliable, cost effective security to protect your business. Chesapeake designs video networks and systems to meet your unique surveillance needs…

  • Door security
  • Outdoor monitoring
  • Office monitoring

If you already have an existing video infrastructure, we have affordable cameras that can be seamlessly integrated to work with your older equipment.

After our experts look over your current surveillance set-up, you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective an upgrade can be.

Does your business require high-resolution detail and accurate color? Do you need night-vision camera technology? Do you require more video recorder storage? We offer a wide variety of affordable cameras, monitors and recorders.

Let’s talk about improving the security of your building with an IP video surveillance solution. Contact us today at (800) 787-4848 or


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