How SIP Trunking Can Slash Monthly Telecom Expenses

By Jeff Nolte

September 1, 2012


The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has emerged as a popular choice for many businesses, and for good reason…

SIP trunks are virtual channels that deliver voice service with essentials like 911, 411, call handling features, and number portability.

SIP Trunking lowers telecom costs by…

  • Eliminating PRI trunks and the all-too-frequent capacity oversubscription
  • Slashing PSTN per-minute charges
  • Combining voice and data transport onto one line
  • Reducing IT management costs

In addition to cost savings, SIP Trunking can benefit your business in other ways…

  • Provide for faster installations, moves, and changes
  • Share resources between multiple offices
  • Increase telecom redundancy and achieve maximum uptime
  • Streamline telecom management and reporting
  • Simplify carrier management and billing

Selecting the right mix of Carrier Services to support your voice, data, and broadband needs can get complicated. Keeping up with prices, promotions, and performance considerations is a full-time job.

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