Virtual Desktops – The next big thing in Office IT and Communications

By Jeff Nolte

June 29, 2012


Under the concept of the “virtual desktop,” a range of devices – including laptops and tablets – can be used to access the data center from anywhere, allowing these popular mobile devices to take on the role of a typical office desktop. With the addition of Mitel Virtualized Voice, your virtual desktop can run voice applications too.

Here are a few reasons why virtual desktops make sense…

  • Cost savings: Mobile devices cost less to deploy and consume a fraction of the energy of a desktop PC.
  • Ease of management: Virtual desktops are easier to centrally patch and upgrade.
  • Centralized backups: Everything is backed up centrally, which is easier on IT staff and data center operations.
  • Regulatory compliance: Since all the data and applications are centralized, virtual desktops are easy to control and secure.
  • Productivity gains: Eases implementation of telecommuting and remote working, which contributes to higher productivity, better morale, and lower office space expenses.

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